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"With us, you can break down complex issues and disputes, identify your risks and ensure you are appropriately protected without disrupting business."


Kadriye Yürük Yılmaz


Concentrating her area of ​​expertise in the field of commercial law, Kadriye Yürük Yılmaz managed litigation and consultancy departments in medium-large scale law firms for ten years, after completing her master's degree in International Commercial Law in the UK.

During this period, she provided legal consultancy in the fields of Maritime and Transportation Law, International Trade Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Labor Law, and gained experience in dispute and litigation resolution and alternative dispute resolution methods (National and International Arbitration and Mediation).

She provides business-related legal support to companies operating in various industries, from maritime and foreign trade to agriculture and textile industry. She works with many companies, especially on commercial sales and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, all kinds of contract management, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution on various legal issues affecting client interests in Turkey and abroad,

Recently, she has been providing consultancy to entrepreneurs, SMEs, and SME plus organizations and manages compliance process projects within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law.


Fatih Yılmaz

Having completed the University with honour degree, Fatih Yılmaz, after gaining experience in medium-large scale law firms, established his own consultancy office in 2010 and started to serve his clients in the fields of Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Insurance Law and Labor Law. Since then, he has been guiding and providing solutions to his clients in his areas of expertise. Focusing specifically on litigation and dispute resolution, Fatih Yılmaz has also been among the country's first mediators since 2016.

He manages disputes through alternative amicable means tailored to the business and needs of his clients and resolves them through advanced negotiation methods either in or out of court. He has negotiated and managed over 350 cases in employee-employer, real estate, insurance disputes, criminal cases, and commercial disputes since 2015.

Recently, he has been providing services to his clients on real estate purchase and sale transactions arising from real estate law, rental, condominium disputes, and real estate transactions of foreigners, as well as contract consultancy on these issues, and divorce cases, recognition and enforcement and asset liquidation in disputes arising from family law.

As a sports fan, he also took part in professional football clubs during his school years and currently serves as a Turkish Tennis Federation Candidate Referee.

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