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Practice Areas

You can examine in detail some of the main areas we focus on among the legal support issues we offer across a wide range of services.

Family and Inheritance Law

  • Family residence and its practices, cases arising from Law No. 6284 on the protection of the family

  • Divorce cases, adoption permit cases, property partnership, separation, property regimes, obtaining the inheritance certificate, cases for cancellation of the inheritance certificate, rejection of inheritance, cases regarding the appointment of a representative to the inheritance company, bookkeeping in inheritance

  • Alimony cases

  • Cases arising from engagement breakdown

  • Recognition and Enforcement

  • Custody cases, Guardianship and trustee cases, will cancellation cases


Mediation Services

  • Effective Mediation that will satisfy both parties by ensuring that the parties focus on the problem and solution

  • Mediation service and party representation in employee-employer, material and moral compensation, damage compensation, rent, debt-credit relationship, contractual relations and many other fields.


Criminal Law

  • We aim to offer our clients a more effective defense to legal problems encountered in the business world, with the experience we have gained in the field of white collar criminal law.

  • Strong support in dealing with accusations, investigations and trials

  • Legal services during investigation and prosecution stages


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • To offer all effective solutions, including mediation, for cases and incidents that can be resolved by agreement without resorting to legal remedies, and to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

  • Pursuing all kinds of litigation and arbitration procedures at national and international levels for disputes that cannot be resolved amicably, and recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions.

  • Legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise from all legal disciplines, including traffic accidents, contracts, torts, work accidents, criminal law and medical errors, and losses arising from deprivation of support, loss of earnings, losses arising from the decrease or loss of working power, and losses arising from the loss of the economic future. Lawyer service for opening, conducting and deciding compensation cases


Maritime and Transportation Law

  • Ship Sale and Purchase

  • Preparation of freight, ship chartering and ship management contracts, and representation in amendment and termination of contracts when necessary,

  • In cases of contract violation, the procedures of terminating the violation and compensating the damages that may arise, participating in negotiations with the other party, ensuring the implementation of the arbitration clause in the contract, if any, filing a lawsuit in the courts, filing a criminal complaint and fulfilling the sailing ban decisions through the authorized institutions.

  • P&I Insurance, demurrage and seaman receivables and compensations.

  • Representation in lawsuits for compensation for marine and environmental pollution damages resulting from marine accidents and objections to administrative fines, filing a lawsuit for compensation for damages arising from marine accidents, filing a criminal complaint if the conditions are met, applying to insurance companies and recourse to third parties.


Intellectual Property Law

  • Both intellectual property and industrial property; Legal consultancy during the establishment, registration and protection stages

  • Consultancy and legal services on all matters of intellectual and industrial property law, including trademark, patent, utility model, design, license and copyright issues.

  • Pre-registration research, execution of registration applications and licensing

  • Transfer, limitation, renewal of uses related to intellectual and industrial rights, subject to guarantee, and ensuring their security.

  • In case of violations of intellectual and industrial rights, mediation, arbitration, litigation and enforcement, as well as advocacy and legal consultancy services, to eliminate the violation and prevent the loss of rights of our clients.


Labor and Social Security Law

  • Preparation of employment contracts, revising existing contracts, organizing human resources processes in accordance with the legislation, being present at occupational safety-related inspections, carrying out administrative, criminal and legal processes arising from work accidents, making termination and exit notifications, labor receivables, compensation and service determination. cases

  • Consultancy in employer human resources and recruitment and dismissal processes

  • Work Residence Permits


Real Estate and Rental Law

  • Real estate buying and selling

  • Preparation of rental agreements

  • Real estate acquisition transactions of foreigners

  • Construction and revenue sharing transactions in exchange for flats

  • Consultancy in party disputes and legal services in rent and eviction cases


Personal Data Protection Law

  • KVK compliance project management

  • Sustainable consultancy for data controller companies whose compliance process has been completed

  • In-house trainings

  • Risk analysis


Commercial Law

  • Preparation, execution, and termination of national and international commercial contracts and resolution of disputes, commercial negotiations and reconciliation,

  • Making the necessary applications before the official authorities regarding all kinds of contracts, investment incentives, foreign capital transfer, company establishments, including but not limited to company partnership, purchase and sale, supply, advertising, sponsorship, Franchising (dealership), license agreements,

  • Legal consultancy to individuals, national and international companies on issues such as resolving legal disputes that may arise on these issues and e-commerce.

  • Business is built on a strong relationship between two people. Therefore, it is important to establish this relationship properly from the beginning. We aim to be an accurate guide with the speed and opportunities provided by competition and globalization. Wrong decisions made and wrong relationships established in business can cause you serious material and moral damages. People most often jump into business with enthusiasm, they can sometimes miss this most important point and create liabilities. You can avoid these liabilities by getting legal support from us.

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